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Tax Advantages of  the LLC

Ronald J. Cappuccio, J.D., LL.M. Tax -NJ LLC Lawyer The essential advantage of a limited liability company is LLCs provide pass-through treatment without taxation at the entity level, essentially partnership tax treatment, while shielding members from personal liability. Multiple member LLC's are treated as a partnership and file a US Partnership Tax Return Form 1065. Single Member LLC's can be treated as a Sole Proprietorship and are taxed on the member's 1040 Schedule C.

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Liability Protection

A Limited Liability Company has similar protections for the owners as a corporation. Limited Liability Companies have the advantages of a partnership when it comes to its organization and control. It can have multi-levels of membership interest, and control and equity benefits limited by the parties (and their attorney's) imagination. The LLC has the extreme flexibility of a partnership, yet can be established in a traditional manner similar to a corporation.....More

Limited Liability Companies

Forming a business as a Limited Liability Company has all the liability limitation advantages of a corporation and all of the tax advantages of a proprietorship or partnership. Only in rare circumstances should a new business be started as a sole proprietorship, partnership or S corporation. The LLC serves most new and growing business well.

Choosing the Right Business Entity
The LLC is the best entity or most new closely held businesses. What are the tax and business difference between a LLC, Corporation, Partnership and Sole Proprietorship? .....More

Corporations are established by filing an Article or Certificate of Incorporation with the appropriate State agency. ...More

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